Saturday, 25 September 2010

I am in lots of pain.

So I got a temporary job delivering things around the neighbourhood. Think of it as a paper route for Chuck Norris.
I have 2,000 of them to deliver, and I carry them around in a gym bag. I can fit about 30 of them in there.
The rest are stacked outside my front door to about 6 foot and I have my car trunk full with them, and my back two seats can no longer carry passengers.
I was told I had 3 weeks to do them all. Sounds pretty hard, right? Well the bastards changed their minds and now I only have 6 days to deliver them all. That's 333.33 a day.
I'm slightly disabled anyway and my GP told me I shouldn't be carrying heavy things or doing repetitive things that hurt, but I have to them anyway. I'm getting paid hardly anything for this, including the amount of wasted petrol it's costing.
Sucks to be me sometimes.

 If you don't like my emo rants, here's a picture of the most beautiful woman ever! Look at her. Wouldn't you like to wake up to that every morning? I would.


  1. Been there, suffered through that

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  3. Ack, I feel for you, good that you got it though. All the deliverers around here are retirees who drive up on my lawn. Do not want.

  4. thats funny. those delivery guys work too hard for such shit pay i always laugh at them when i see them on the streets running around

    brool story nonetheless

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  6. Yep routes suck ass. my buddies and i were all on the same one and our boss kept adding more and more and more and we didn't have a day in the week off so we quit

    hang in there though until u find a better job

  7. Gonna have to agree with you on the shittyness, you'll pull through though.

  8. paper rounds are shit, i got only 20p from this one bitch woman every week

  9. She's gorgeous! Hope it works out!

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